Captivating visuals for every use case

You have something important to say. Make it easier to understand and remember, and get the attention you deserve.

Maybe you just want a quick sketch to pitch your idea. Maybe you want to co-create a a huge strategy poster with your team. Or perhaps you have a certain goal in mind and want to know your options. 

Below you can see a few services I have offered to clients in the past.

But please don't feel restricted to just these examples, your requests don't have to fit into any category. We can create something new and awesome together!


This is how our collaboration could look like:


You are planning a conference that the participants shall remember and show to colleagues.

You get a few options for visuals you could use. You decide on a graphic recording for the start of the conference and chosen keynotes. On the day of the event, you can see guests talking to each other next to the recordings, taking photos of them and sharing them on social media. The keynote speakers feel like celebrities, their faces were included in small illustrations. Audience members feel heard. What a success! 


You have an idea for a new product. You want to get user feedback on it cheaply and quickly before going into development.

On a video call, you explain your idea while I draw it. You decide on the most important parts, move some elements around and I add color. By the end of the all, you have a sketch to show to potential users and your colleagues. With their feedback in mind, you can go into the next round of prototyping. Great!


Your book explains complex topics, so you want to enrich it with clear illustrations and an inviting cover. 

We talk about your priorities. I send you an offer for the 6 illustrations and 1 cover, along with a moodboard and color palette. You agree with the price. So I start with thumbnail sketches. You make adjustments. I finish the first illustration. You correct a detail. I finish drawing all the illustrations. After you had some time to show it to your editor and friends, we happily conclude the project and you pay the invoice. Done! 

"What if I don't like the results?"

Luckily, the process I work with always prevents you from burning money on illustrations you do not like.

Transparent creative process

If you require more than a rough sketch, you will always have several opportunities to make corrections. I always start client orders with a sketch, so you can review the layout and content beforehand. If you commission several illustrations, I will finish one of the illustrations first and get your approval before finishing the others.

Transparent pricing

Offers and invoices list the amount of work hours for each milestone (ex. rough sketch – detailed sketch – illustration – correction).

If you decide to abort a project, you can do so at a listed milestone, and only pay for the work done until then.


Send a quick e-mail ( to get an offer tailored to to your organization's needs. Or just use the form below.

I answer most inquiries within 1-2 business days.